The Most Basic Yet Relevant Tips to Crack IAS Exam

The IAS Exam is considered to be the toughest competitive exam in the country. Millions of aspirants prepare with all their heart to crack the examination and only a tiny fraction of them actually go ahead and achieve the task they’ve put their heart into. The ones who fail do so for a variety of reasons and the lack of proper preparation tactics is one of them. Many are unable to get the right advice for the preparation and carry on mugging up textbooks without any coherence to it and end up preparing the wrong way.

Hence, the Tips to Crack IAS Exam deserve a go-through if you’re an aspirant or planning to sit for the prestigious examination soon. Before delving deep into the tips, let’s outline the major mistakes aspirants do while preparing for the IAS Exam.

What Not To Do While Preparing For IAS Examination?

Among the mistakes, people generally commit while preparing for the examination is the choice they make for the optional subject. They choose an optional subject which isn’t of their interest but is suggested by someone they deem to be worthy of listening. Another major influence on their decision is going with a popular opinion instead of choosing the subject they love.

Another huge mistake an IAS aspirant can do is not refer the syllabus and go through it thoroughly. It is suggested that the aspirant breaks down the syllabus and understand it rather than reading it like a guide on what to mug up and what to skip. Not understanding the syllabus properly leads them to study topics they need to and skip the ones they should.

There’s no doubt that a proper understanding of each relevant topic should be gathered, but that should not translate into going unnecessarily deeper into topics that only need a touch-up. Similarly, mugging up tons of facts and figures doesn’t help and results in wastage of the valuable time one has in hand.

Before knowing the Tips to Crack IAS Exam, it is necessary to realize what not to do while preparing. Hence, the points mentioned above are extremely vital to start with.

The To-Do List For IAS Exam Preparation:

Learn About The Basic Requirements And The Eligibility Criteria

The first thing you need to do is to check whether you’re eligible for the IAS exam before making any plans or dreaming about clearing the examination. Once done with the eligibility criteria, the next thing to consider is to check the syllabus and evaluate whether you can routinely study for a long time and cover the prescribed syllabus.

Develop The Habit Of Reading

No matter how cliché it may sound, reading books is key to many permutations of success. The same goes for IAS examination; the aspirant needs to develop a reading habit if he isn’t already a reader and the ones who already are should channelize their reading.

Hence, making a list of books that go in line with the syllabus is suggested. Moreover, the books one reads shouldn’t be a deep study on the topics but a concise collection that covers all relevant topics. It is clearly emphasized not to manage the time with the perfect balance to avoid omitting any relevant topics. This is a timeless Tip to Crack IAS Exam or any other competitive exam for that matter.

Practice Mock Tests To Prepare

It is also advised to practice as many mock tests as one can before sitting for the ultimate examination. This is important as it gives the aspirant a feel of how the exam is set up. It also gives them the much-needed familiarity with the format and keeping the clock in mind while answering questions. By taking mock tests, the aspirants can enhance their speed and writing skills with repetitive practice which comes in handy when the real thing comes up.

Go Back On Topics You’ve Studied

Revision is another important trick which is rarely mentioned among the Tips to Crack IAS Exam because of how obvious and basic it is. But many people do tend to skip revision and go blank when a question comes up from a topic they have studied. They fail to recall the answer because they didn’t go back to the topic and skipped the revision in over-confidence.

Work On Writing Skills

For the Mains examination, it is how you write your answers that counts above everything else. The trick is not to be too creative or too dull but to strike the perfect balance between creativity and pinpoint precision. Aspirants often are either too dull and straight forward with their answers while others write the answers like it was a creative writing contest. Hence, it is advised that a perfect balance is maintained while writing long theoretical answers.

Stop Worrying And Get To Work

The last but not least by any means, aspirants should avoid listening too much into how tough the examination is. Avoid people who keep telling you about how rare a percentage of the candidates go on to clear the examination. The trick is to learn all the basics of preparation and start preparing with a planned schedule. Clearing the examination is tough without a doubt, but that does not mean it cannot be done given the right preparation and proper pattern of study. Just relax, set a routine, invest in suitable books, practice mock tests, and work on your writing skills and get set to give your best try.

The IAS exam is without a doubt among the toughest examinations to crack in the country. Yes, millions of aspirants prepare for the examination with all their might, and only a tiny fraction do go on to clear it. Given the right Tips to Clear IAS Exam and keeping in mind what not to do, you can not only clear the examination but go on to hit the top ranks.

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