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Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, and Indian Forest Service combined constitute the All India Service. Indian Administrative Service, in particular, is responsible for handling administrative decisions of the nation. This wing constitutes of the prime thinkers, planners and executors of the nation and hence the authoritative of the IAS hold a very prestigious position in the nation. Hence, many students participate in the IAS examinations every year, out of which only a few see their dreams turning into reality.


Owing to its pristine reputation it has gained the acronym of being the toughest competitive examination taking place in India under the Union Public Service Commission. The recruiting agency follows a very stringent selection procedure while most of the candidates are cut off in the examination round itself. These candidates are further trained with these procedures at the IAS coaching Institutes.

IAS examinations can pave the way for world leaders:

Founded in 1858, this examination has been modified with time to essentially comprise of all the needful requisites that are needed for being a world leader. The selection of IAS candidates is made through a preliminary exam, the main examination which is followed by an interview round. A candidate will be assured that he is adequately prepared for all of these rounds with the help of the best IAS coaching center in Hyderabad.

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List of the Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad (2020):

Owing to the rising competition and the stringent selection procedures most candidates believe in training themselves adequately before appearing for these exams. The candidates from Hyderabad, who have opted for coaching centers which will essentially train them for over a year in keeping with the syllabus, some of them are ranked as:

1. Analog IAS Academy Hyderabad:

Ranks first in the list for the best IAS coaching Institutes in Hyderabad. This institute on an average is known to produce up to 50 rankers of UPSC. This institute also has its branches in the top metropolitan cities of the nation and has the following features.

  • Located in Indira Park, this center is revolving around numerous hostels and student accommodations.
  • Crash courses followed by mock tests are conducted for both the preliminary and main examination.
  • The ASTRA scholarship stands out in the market and is provided to elite students who crack their scholarship examination.
  • It has also been awarded the best coaching center in the entire south Indian Territory.

2. RC Reddy IAS Study Circle:

Ranked the second-best in the list for the best IAS coaching center in Hyderabad. This institute has the following features:

  • This Institution helps the candidates by clearing all the hurdles that can come in their path. The biggest hurdle in the life of an IAS aspirant is the syllabus which is usually vast and rather ambiguous.
  • Here the teachers believe in clearing the doubts and making the candidates relevant to the different components of their syllabus.
  • The next hurdle in their lives is assessing their capabilities in becoming an IAS officer, many crash interview rounds and mock tests are conducted here that enrich the various skills inherent in the candidates.
  • The strength of a single batch here is slightly more than that for Analog and accommodates around 220 students per batch.

3. Brain Tree IAS Coaching Centre:

Ranks third in the list for the Top IAS Institues in Ashok Nagar. The institute is reputed all around South India and here’s why:

  • The top scorers of the examination have formerly trained themselves here. This center motivates the use of Anthropology to direct strategies and score good results in the final examination.
  • Here, the strategies are framed in a way to help further the student shape them for the interview round.
  • With IAS preparations, this coaching center also provides with degrees.
  • Located in the Hyderabad Telangana district, it is easily accessible and has had a consistent reputation for a long time now.
  • The batch size here is comparatively smaller and accommodates about 130 students in every batch.

4. Krishna Pradeep’s 21st Century IAS Academy:

It is the fourth-best IAS center operating in Hyderabad. Established to ensure excellence and facilitate the needful articles required for motivating a Civil Services Aspirant.

  • They cover a very good infrastructure in comparison to all other coaching centers.
  • Many students from this academy have been able to clear the IAS examinations and have also been appointed by the Government of India. These classes are engaging and not elaborative.
  • Here, the teachers cover the entire syllabus and follow a methodical and practical approach towards attaining this goal.
  • Not just the preliminary and main examination, here a candidate will be adequately trained on how to ace an interview, too.
  • The strength of a batch here is about 25 to 30.
  • The subjects taught are the general course along with geography and Public Administrative.

5. Plutus IAS Coaching in Hyderabad:

Ranked fifth in the list for the best IAS coaching center in Hyderabad. This coaching center is famous amongst working officials and is very popular in two of the busiest cities in the nation one of them being Hyderabad and the other Bangalore. Furthermore, its outshines other centers with the following features:

  • Makes the use of digital presentation for preparing the students with their syllabus.
  • With the help of technology, the students here are provided with a real-time experience without having to attend classes. These are efficient as well as fulfilling for working candidates.
  • Provides classes for IRS or Indian Revenue Service, IFS or Indian Forestry Service, IPS or Indian Police Service entrance examinations.
  • This is mainly an online coaching institute that can be taken up anywhere at any time.
  • The batch size is around 35 per class and more can be accommodated if necessary.
  • All the notes are made available online for helping candidates in their preparations.

6. K.S. Rao’s IAS Academy:

Ranks sixth amongst all other coaching centers in Hyderabad; it has a consistent reputation amongst candidates looking for IAS exam preparations. Furthermore, it has the following features:

  • Unique teaching techniques are based on the various traits of a laser-focused Civil Services Aspirants.
  • Trains candidates in subjects like history anthropology, Geography, Sociology, Interview Guidance, Political Science, CSAT Preparation, Public Administration, and General Studies.
  • Unique activities such as various seminars and workshops for IAS aspirants.
  • The unique training techniques focus on making the candidates think and express like an administrator.
  • Located in Vinayak Nagar, this institute is very accessible for candidates coming from far-off and also provides necessary PG and hostel accommodations around it.
  • Every batch constitutes of about 30 people approximately.
  • Read Rao’s IAS Academy reviews here.

7. IAS Brains Institute:

Known for its vast facilities, it has been ranked the seventh best IAS coaching Institutes in Hyderabad. This institute delivers all-round preparatory results with the following features:

  • Regular mock tests and crash courses are provided which comprise more than half the syllabus.
  • The students are kept engrossed in their preparations with assignments.
  • This institute is renowned for conducting the best UPSC mock test. This helps candidates analyze their progress.
  • Student Interaction is motivated.
  • Necessary mentorship is provided to enhance performances.
  • Also, provide for 24*7 library facilities.
  • Each batch comprises of 60 people on an average.
  • Located around Domalguda, it is easily accessible through busses and autos.

8. Pragnya IAS Academy:

With top scorers as trainers, this institute has received the position of the eight most validated coaching center of Hyderabad. The other essential features are:

  • Assesses traits like competence, morals, and achievement.
  • It is very renowned on an All India level due to the excellence in the performance of candidates.
  • Additional bachelor’s degree is provided along with IAS training.
  • Provides general course schedule along with Anthropology courses.
  • Located in the Telangana, it is amidst the most crowded sectors of the city.
  • The average strength of every batch is nearly 130.
  • UPSC study materials and notes are provided online, along with magazines.

One can check the online site for each of these sites to obtain more information regarding these institutes.

The qualities required for being an IAS officer:

An IAS Academy can obtain the acronym of the best UPSC coaching center in Hyderabad not just because of their capabilities in entertaining the candidates with an appropriate curriculum but also because they believe in enriching the interactive skills that can not only improve your chances of winning the interview round but also shape you as a capable IAS officer. The various traits are taken into consideration while training students are:

  • Ability to handle government affairs.
  • Implementing policies in keeping with thorough supervision which involves ex-situ attributes as well.
  • Implementing policies will require adequate knowledge in the field, such as accounts and economics.
  • The candidate is answerable to Parliament and State Legislatures whenever needed; hence communicative skills are essential.
  • Different career level comprises of augmented responsibilities; hence, a candidate must be sure to understand the hustle and cope with the same.

Most of these traits are looked for in the screening rounds of the examination either through an analytical process in the form of an interview. Hence, the best UPSC coaching center in Hyderabad can be chosen by clearly focusing on the availability of these factors.

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